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Welcome to Until Zion

As you come across this post and website, you might ask, “does the internet need another website with theological content?” or, “why do these guys think they have something of value to contribute?” Those are good questions––questions we too ask ourselves. Frankly, we do not have great answers. However, what we do have is a desire to share our work, our ministry, and our convictions with those who might find our reflections helpful. With that in mind, we hope this inaugural post gives you context for who we are and what we hope to see accomplished through Until Zion.

Who Are We?

We are two pastors with decades of cumulative ministry in New York City. Since before coming to NYC, and certainly, during our time here, the Lord has blessed us with ministry experiences, as well as personal mentors, from wide-ranging theological and cultural traditions and backgrounds. While we are both ordained Presbyterians, the broad witness of the church continues to be of significant influence on us.

Through personal experiences, the experiences of others, and, most importantly, the testimony of the Scriptures, we are convinced the Gospel of Christ transforms the individual and restores the cosmos––a restoration to be reflected now. As a result, a church that serves a God whose throne is one of righteousness and justice means the church ought to reflect his righteousness and justice until one day he restores all creation.

This conviction is the reason why this website exists. As we continue to wrestle with what it means to reflect the righteousness and justice of God now, we want to share what we’ve learned and continue to learn. We also want to bridge an apparent gap between the theological stream from which we come––Reformed/Presbyterianism––and contemporary justice issues (So don’t be surprised to find a lot of Herman Bavinck, Martin Luther King Jr., and James Cone populating the same posts). We believe there is much to draw from in our tradition (as well as others) to help guide the church into being a people known for justice––something we are not often known for broadly.

Additionally, we also hope to bring various contributors who can also help bridge that gap through their own experiences, wisdom, and ministry contexts (if you’re our friend and have thoughts on these issues...don’t be surprised if we hit you up).

If you’re interested in learning with us and want to stay connected, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.

-Abe & Justin


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